Instruction !

1) Client is informed that it is not gambling and profits as a percentage is guaranteed.

2) Saho Invest disburses after end of contract within 15 days, payment is after taxes which means percentages are after taxation because these costs are borne by saho invest.

3) Refunds will be worldwide.

4) In case the client select the country where there are no accounts SAHO INVEST assume the duty of openning an account on behalf of a client without compensation. Clients are paid money to this account.

5) If customers ort money on the period from 3 to five years he has the possibility in the first year to pay agreed amount which means that he paid the full amount. the same situation is if their funds are on 7 or 10 years. in this situation customers have two years to pay agreed amount. it means that in closing the contract he paid the full amount.